Allan Fuller Estate Agents

Location is everything.

Allan Fuller is a proud local estate agent with traditional values at its core. Based in Putney, London, they're family owned and run and have been since starting in 1983. Their team all live locally and as a company are heavily involved in the community. They believe in good old fashioned service while embracing the latest technology in today's property market. 
Working closely with their team we developed an identity that both mirrored these values with enamel plate style logo, classic typefaces and modern illustrative interpretations of vintage British destination posters from the 1950s. A truly unique and genuine offering in their crowded marketplace.  ​​​​​​​
“The team at ADDS has worked with Spencer for over 10 years now and we could not be happier. He always listens extremely carefully to our concepts and then translates them into fresh design ideas, even when faced with very tight deadlines. He has been an important part of our marketing team, helping us to develop and maintain our brand identity along with designing everything from social media cards to promotional materials, booklets, presentations and even client user guides. We cannot recommend him enough.”

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